1/32 Tire Specs (New)

  Super Wheels 1 & 2 / Direct Fit Slip-On Fly Series Scalextric Series Ninco Series Carrera Series The 1400 Series Vanquish Series / SCX Series Monogram Series / Spirit Series Pioneer Series / MRRC Series The 2100 Series / Vintage Series


Important Information 

    1.    All part numbers highlighted in yellow are also made in Yellow Dog (Urethane) tires. 

    2.    All part numbers with “R” following the number, means that specific tire has one rounded sidewall only. 

    3 .   Widths for “R” series tires are for the contact patch only (excludes sidewall). 

    4.    Tires 1007R, 1008R, 1009R and 1302R have a minor arc radius on one side. (for tight wheel well clearance)

    5.    Manufacturers trade names are property of the respective companies & used for identification only.

    6.    Models/Applications noted in blue, while not specifically designed for the application, have been tested and can be used for the model specified.