Super Tires Tyco Series & JW Wheels


                                                                    Picture page designed by Steve Carfi from, a Super Tires promoter.

pro tyco

Important Additional Information

* Super Tires has been making H.O. scale high-performance racing tires for over 19 years.
e have it down to a science.
* All wheels on this page are double flange with .250″ O.D. (Delrin in both black & white)
* All part numbers with an “R”, have a radius on one side of the tire only.
* All tires can be made in any color or compound, (silicone A or B & urethane),
   depending on the quantity.
* 12 different O.D. tires in .004″ increments. Black is the standard color in stock.
* Any H.O scale tire is $2.00/pr. & all H.O. scale wheels are $ 3.00/pr. (plus Shipping & Handling)
   Discounts are available on large quantities. Prices subject to change over time.
* Email
, attention Sandy, with a tire/wheel list. 
e will get back to you on a price and current availability.
* Manufacturers’ trade names are the property of the respective companies 
   and used for identification purposes only.