New 1/24 Scale Super Tires

New 1/24 Scale Super Tires
Part Numbers and Tire Applications Listed Below

The complete line of 1/24 scale Super Tires is in stock
and also available through our dealer
  Direct Fit Slip-on Silicone Super Tires 
Part # Silicone (S)  Urethane (U)  Make Models/Applications
ST1300 Yes Yes  Carrera BMW, Panoz, Porsche
ST12401R Yes  Yes  Carrera Audi R8, Ford GT, Porsche GT3, DTM, Corvette C7R & Porsche 911 RSR
ST12402 Yes  Yes  Carrera Ferrari 458 & 599XX
ST12404 Yes Yes Carrera Chevrolet Corvette C6R & Ferrari 575
12405 Yes  Yes  Carrera Aston Martin DBR9 & Ford Capri
12406 Yes  Yes  Carrera Ford GT40 & Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
12407 Yes  Yes  Carrera Ferrari 330P4
Yes  Yes  Carrera Cheetah
12410 Yes  Yes  Carrera Porsche 997 GT3
 ST12411  Yes Yes  Carrera BMW M1
12412 Yes  Yes  Carrera Audi R8 LMP, Audi 4, Panoz & Porsche
Audi R10 LMP & Porsche Spider LMP
Porsche 917K & Ferrari 512S
12409 Yes  Yes  BRM  Porsche 962
 ST124BRM/TA Yes Yes BRM  BRM 1/24 Trans Am
ST014R Yes Yes BRM  Group C cars for S014 BRM Rear Wheels 
ST4043R Yes Yes Scaleauto  GT2/GT3 Cars for SC4043 Rear Wheels

Important Information

1. All part numbers with “R” following the number, means that specific tire has one rounded sidewall only.

2. Widths for “R” series tires are for the contact patch only (excludes sidewall).

3. More 1/24 scale Super Tires to come – Guaranteed – Just ask Bruce (The Cincinnati Kid).

4. All tires listed are designed for the stock manufacturers’ wheels or as noted.

5. The outside diameters and tire widths are as close as possible to the original dimensions.

6. All Super Tires are made with the great compounds and special mixes that no other tire manufacturer can duplicate.

7. The ST12401R fits the Carrera Mercedes SLS AMG. This tire is not a direct fit. You will need to sand down the center rib of the rim to get the tires to have a flat contact patch.

8. Manufacturers trade names are property of the respective companies & used for identification only.

9. Models/Applications noted in blue, while not specifically designed for the application, have been tested and can be used for the model specified.